Tuesday, October 8, 2024


Tuesday, November 12, 2024

Avery Gagliano, Piano

Monday, February 10, 2025

Chamber Music Society of Lincoln
“Spanish Journey”

Thursday, April 3, 2025


Frequently Asked Questions About Concert Attendance

What is classical music?

The term “classical music” can have two meanings. Used with a capital “C,” it refers to the historical period generally considered to be from around 1750 to 1830, between the Baroque and Romantic periods. Used with a lower case “c,” it refers to the entire canon of Western art music, including contemporary composers.

I don’t know anything about classical music. Will I be welcome?

You will certainly be welcome, and what better way to learn about music. When you arrive, you will receive a program that will have extensive notes about the performers and the pieces to be performed.

May I buy a ticket for just one performance?

TCA sells for the entire season. Under certain circumstances individual concert tickets may be available a week before the performance. However, if you especially want to attend one program, we encourage you to call for ticket availability.

What if I cannot attend all the concerts?

We suggest that you find someone who can use your extra ticket or turn it in to TFAC so it can be resold.

How long will the concert be?

The programs are almost always divided into two parts with a 15-minute intermission. The entire concert, including the intermission, usually lasts from between 1½ to 2 hours.

What concert behavior should I know about?

The audience members will be expecting an impressive evening of music that they will want to hear in silence. Therefore, you need to be as quiet as possible. Humming, tapping, whispering, and turning pages are inappropriate at a concert. Also, strong scents should be avoided as they can be unpleasant for concertgoers as well as the musicians. Cell phones must be silenced.

What should I wear?

TCA believes that concern about attire should never keep anyone away from a performance. Most concertgoers wear business or business casual. The most important thing to consider is that these should be evenings of listening pleasure.

Are children welcome?

TCA loves to see children at the concerts; they are the audiences of tomorrow. We recommend that they attend with an adult and that they sit quietly and attentively throughout the program.

Am I allowed to take photos or record parts of the concert?

Taking photographs or video is prohibited. No recording is allowed.

Do I need to arrive early?

If you arrive about thirty minutes early, you will have time to greet your friends, get good seats, and read the program notes before the concert begins.

What if I arrive late?

If you should arrive late, a greeter will tell you when to enter the auditorium and will help you find a seat.

When do I applaud?

The accepted tradition is to applaud at the end of a complete piece rather than after movements, unless the performance is of such extraordinary excellence that an immediate response seems necessary. If you are in doubt, the safest practice is to watch those around you and applaud when they do.

Where do you find these musicians and why do they come to Tryon? We aren’t very big.

First, Tryon Concert Association has long-term associations with agents representing the finest chamber music artists in the United States. Second, Tryon is strategically located among major cities in the Southeast, making it a convenient location for artists on tour.

TCA also has acquired a reputation among performers for its sophisticated and appreciative audiences. Visiting artists enjoy staying in Tryon and appreciate TFAC’s intimate concert venue. The musicians themselves have helped spread the word that Tryon is a good place to perform, and invitations to come here tend to be met with enthusiasm. The Program Committee works year-round to keep track of who is touring in the Southeast, enabling TCA to book the finest artists available.



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