Paul Huang: Return to the Past

He’s not Itzhak (Isaac) Perlman. Not Joshua Bell. Not anyone we actually remember hearing live—most of us. Maybe he’s Fritz (that’s German, though) Kreisler. More likely…no, you’ll see, he has to be the reincarnation of the great (another Hebraic name) Jascha (Jacob) Heifitz. The playing is surreal.


The name is “Paul”. An Asian, New Testament version, he’ll be carrying a singular torch, but in a larger world than even Heifitz’s, having the classic hallmarks: the clarity, the poignancy, the infallibility. Yes, it wouldn’t matter when or where you heard it, that playing never more beautiful, more pristine, the same at the end as it was in the beginning. Friday night, 8:00, at TFAC we’ll hear it nearer the start.


As he was…and as he is.


Then tell us what you think!

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