Peter Fletcher—Taking Us Somewhere

Maybe it’s a place we’ve been before. New significances will appear, as though the second, third, or twentieth visits had prepared us for something unexpected. Or, maybe, it’s a revisitation of the familiar and reaffirming. Still, very possibly, we’ll find ourselves exhilarated by a new view.
The TGIF concert with classical guitarist Peter Fletcher is at 6:00 PM this Friday, March 18 at the Tryon Fine Arts Center. As the TCA website allows us to see, the program promises all of the above. It’s an expansive world. We’ll traverse the exotic and the profound, and we may never want to leave it, metaphorically speaking, of course!

In Polk County and surroundings, we have talented representatives of Peter’s art, so we won’t necessarily be surprised by its sophistication, its ability to reach to the intimate heart of reality and draw the reality of the heart. Of these artists is demanded a special sensitivity and broadness of understanding of what their music is communicating.

That said, it’s exciting for us that Peter, who is so accomplished at this, is coming and will be with us…in our place, too! He has North Carolina roots, but he’s lived for years in New York City. He often can be sighted in Central Park, incidentally, as he’s an avid cross-country runner. He travels extensively, typically giving a hundred or so concerts a year. He has recordings that will be available after our concert, and has gathered a loyal following wherever he goes, from Carnegie Hall appearances to libraries in small towns across the country.

After the concert, why not let us know here where he took you?Peter-Fletcher

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  1. Rex, this will be a wonderful concert. The classical guitar is the most intimate of instruments— yet, in the hands of a master like Peter Fletcher, capable of expressing a world of feeling. What better way to wind down the busy week than to come to this concert and rediscover what is really important. No one will be disappointed.

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